Automatic palletiser

Automatic palletiser

The blocks can be placed on the palletizing table with a fork lift, manual crane or automatic crane. Fully automatic palletisers move the frozen blocks from the palletizing table to a pallet or a pallet track in the pallet stack, without human intervention.

Our automatic palletisers can palletise with plate and tower or robot depending on space requirements and formatting requirements.

The blocks can be palletised in different layouts depending on your requirements.

Packaging options for Automatic palletisers

You can choose between different packaging options: Each block can be packaged in shrink plastic, the block can be packed in carton or in a plastic bag. There can be a foam or cardboard on the pallet, and plastic foil can be placed between the layers and so on.

A metal detector can be installed on the machine in order to detect blocks that contain metal objects. These blocks can be discard automatically.

The finished pallet can be wrapped in foil and weighed via a roller conveyor before being driven into the coldstore.

A pallet dispencer can be connected so that the system can run for a long time before it is necessary for the operator to fill pallets again.

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